And the fangirlism continues

Omg I’m SO amazed with Henry Lau right now. x] One little violin cameo in Super Junior’s “Don’t Don” and BAM!
He becomes known as ‘Henry, the Violin Guy’ and he has fansites and forums. xD

I am now a fan of Henry. :D <3

How could you NOT love his violin?! It looks heeella awesome!
And he’s SO TALENTED, I’m really impressed.
And he’s cute!
And he has the most adorablestest cheeks ever!
And he can sing! And dance!
-is shot-

:D I think now for reals I’m an official fan of Super Junior.
Never thought this day would come. The first time I ever saw/heard of Super Junior was the “Happiness” MV and seriously, they were SO feminine in that..-___-; I think I actually asked my friend,
Are they gay?

Well I guess I’m not a fan of SuJu entirely.
There are only a couple of them I like, and there’s so many of them and I can’t remember or tell who’s who and stuff. I know I’m missing out on a lot, but none of the other guys currently interest me.

So I guess you could say I’m a fan of SuJu-M. And that’s fine with me because the few of SuJu I actually really like are in SuJu-M.
:D And there’s Henryyy!
-is shot once again-

And SuJu-M met FAHRENHEIT! That’s freaking awesome!

But seriously. =[
I just saw live clips of Don’t Don, and it made me really mad.

Every single time where Henry’s AWESOME violin part comes, everyone started shouting, “13! 13! 13!” and that’s sooooo effing mean. So unfair. I mean, they didn’t even KNOW if Henry was gonna become a part of SuJu yet and they were already hating on him.

And even if he joined, he’s not gonna ruin SuJu or anything.
I like him. Lots of people like him. It really pissed me off that they were doing that.

=/ Poor Henry must’ve felt so discouraged.

:D But he makes me wanna actually start practicing violin.
‘Cause I suck a lot.

I wonder how long this SuJu phase will last.


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