How rude.

>[ Some people are so rude and unappreciative.
A “thank you” would be nice.
Pisses me off.

To Do After Finishing Mythology Report;;
-Finish Tokyo Juliet [drama]
-Finish Bokura ga Ita [anime]
-Make Tsubasa Chronicle AMV w/Bring Me To Life or Waiting Game
-Finish animation video: 400
-Finish Check! 3’s 2nd single covers
-Start Happiness ~Koufuku Kangei~ groupdub after 6 months of putting it off
-Open & play OTH NintendoDS game

Omg you know what? D: I think I’m now again a fan of SuJu.
That’s right. Super Junior. The 13-member Korean boy-vocal band.

Couple months back, I became really interested in them after being casted in as Ryeowook in a girl-version groupdub of “Dancing Out“, which is an AWESOME and happy/energetic song by the way. This was around the same time I got into NEWS and Arashi, so I guess you can say I went through a boy-band period.

And now I think I’m interested in SuJu again. :D But more specifically, SuJu-M, a subgroup that’s focused on the Chinese market. They sing songs in Chinese.

Honestly, I’m more interested in SuJu-M than SuJu. ^^;; But not because I’m Chinese myself; I’m Cantonese, not Mandarin, so I still can’t understand the lyrics. It just intrigues me more and it’s so interesting/awesome listening to hot Korean singers singing Mandarin. :D They’re so good at it, as far as I know!
-has no idea-

So far they have one single, which is the Mandarin version of one of their songs, U. At first I didn’t think I would, but I like it. o___o

I still can’t tell who the heck is who though. -____-; Most of the SuJu members look the same to me. -is shot- I can’t even remember all of their names.

But I think I’m getting slightly better :D I recognized Ryeowook in the M-U mv! And his lovely cute voice! xD And at some parts I recognized KyuHyun. And I think Henry too.

One of the new guys, Henry, is soo cute.
And he plays craazy violin in the instr break! D:
As a really bad violin player, I really admire his skillllsss. T.T

Stupid WordPress/computer won’t let me embed so CLICKY!

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