Kago Ai

You may or may not know already, but Kago Ai is one of my two favorite Hello! Project members/former members, and possibly my favorite.

And now learning that she’s returning to showbiz,
how can I be anything but happy?

For those who don’t know already, [if you’re new to H!P], Kago was in a scandal in 2006. She was caught smoking underage and suspended for a year. She returned in 2007, but caught smoking again and spending the night with this guy, and therefore, fired.

Then she moved to New York City and we don’t know what happened to her until recently.

She’s being interviewed for the first time in two years and you can watch on Hello-online? I can’t wait for translations.


Well anyway, I’ve almost always been a fan of  Kago. :D
She’s on my icon for some H!P-related forums and she represents me in Twilight Legend.

She was cute and pretty and I love her voicee. It’s adorable and strong and I want her vibrato. Also she’s funny too. D:

And who else besides Tsuji could depict
forever young
so perfectly?

When I heard Kago had moved to NYC, I always thought to myself,
Oh, hey, maybe someday I can go there and accidentally bump into her!”

But now I guess she’s back in Japan and is doing well. =]
I wonder if she’s still with that old geezer though.

Well anyway, she’s coming back as an actress and she even made an official blog. [Tehe, bookmarked!]

She’s 20 years old now. Can you believe that’s her?

My first impression was, “Oh my god she looks so different and older!”

Personally I liked her hair better when it was longer.
Actually, even when she was younger, I preferred when she put her hair down than when she tied it up.

My day’s been pretty crappy today, but now I’m happy. :D

I’m so glad to see both Kago and Tsuji doing well.

I wonder if they’re keeping touch.
I hope they will work together once again in the future.

After all,
Aibon and Tsuji Nozomi are together always in W.”


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