My friend, Kojiru, came back from Taiwan last week and she got me something really cutee.

A Lucky Star folder! Lol. Cutee~

It’s got Konata and Kagami and Tsukasa and Miyuki,
but what I love the most is..

a cardboard cut-out of Akira-samaaaaaaaa! :DD

Dudee, Akira is soo much like me. D: Mood swings and all.

The back is cute too. Konata’s so awesome; I wanna be like her.
-is shot-

Oh yeah, if you’re looking for a really random, really cute and adorable, really hilarious, really awesomeeeee anime, then Ebah recommends Lucky Star to you.

Also, she bought the Momusu 10th Anniversary All Singles Complete for herself. o_____o That’s awesome.

I wanna go over to her house and take pictures of it.

You know, a H!P single in Taiwan costs only $3?
And here, you have to pay $13 if you don’t order it online!
>O I feel so ripped off!
-glares at Tsukiatteru no ni Kataomoi cd-

Today I went to Daiso Japan at a mall, and I swear, Japanese people have the cutest erasers ever. ._____. After seeing them, it was not possible to leave the store empty-handed.

After a long time of decided, I picked a set that wasn’t exactly as cute as the other ones, but fit me to a fricken T!

Bwuaha. Gotta love chocolate. <3

I know it’s an eraser, but I wanna eat it so badly.


Today I started watching a Taiwanese drama called Tokyo Juliet. It stars Wu Chun[he’s in Fahrenheit!] and Ariel Lin from It Starts With A Kiss.

So far I’ve only seen the first episode, but I’m hooked.


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