I don’t wanna use Xanga for a while ’cause I’ll probably just get pissed off or cry when I see my last couple posts and my chatbox, so I’ll most likely be blogging here more often for a while.

About my day.

Orchestra: I’m starting to have trouble seeing the music. D: My eyes definitely got worse. I blame mixing. After I mixed JS Team S’s songs, my eyes started to hurt.

PE: Walked laps? Hahah. Ebahmon goes, “Good afternoon~”. It was kinda fun.

Break: ..Are you avoiding me? I’m sorry.

Crafts: Finished glazing my vase, and started on my slab-box.

Geometry: Getting better. ^^; I finally feel like I’m a part of the class. I’m finally opening up more here. Talking more, laughing more. People are finally able to look at me and not go, “What? You’re in my math class?” or, “There’s an Eva in this class..?” Hah. Took 7 months. I don’t think I hate this class anymore.

Science: I still hate this class. Not only do I hardly learn anything, but everybody in this class besides me and a couple people, are JACKASSES.

And I’m fcking tired of their constant noise, disrespect, and chatter about sex/drugs all period. I sit next to a couple of bitches who constantly use me, don’t pay attention in class, and end up copying my work, and I can’t say no because I want people to think I’m nice.
It pisses me off. I feel sorry for my teacher.

English: I’m starting to open up more in this period too.


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