Tsubasa Chronicle Tokyo Revelations OVA 3 came out!!



Part 1 Part 2 Part 3


=/ Sht it’s making me cry.

Sakura.. Syaoran..

>__< I can’t believe this is the last OVA. The anime’s over. No more.

Of course, there’s still the manga.. but when that’s over, Ima miss it.

Tsubasa Chronicle. <3 Has totally won my heart.

Oh my god the ending to the OVA was so beautiful.

Heartbreaking, but beautiful. <333


Best story ever.

5 Responses

  1. THE ANIME’S OVER?! O__________O
    dammnnn, the ending kinda didn’t feel like it was the last episode to me~ ;O

  2. I loved Tsubasaaa (L).
    I finished it last week and i should have seen more stuff!.
    i hope that you understand me because i’m argentinian
    so i don’t speak english.

    Kisses! , please ;)!

  3. Why tsubasa chronicle not in movie??!
    I am sad..

  4. me encanta pero aun no la termino de ver

  5. Hola bueno la verdad no les voy a mentir m encanta sakura card captor pero tsubasa nunk lo e visto pero con solo imaginarmelo m emosiono espero poder verlo algun dia

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