When it snows in summer..

..what’s the Fahrenheit? :D

While watching the It Started With A Kiss drama on Youtube, I got to know the character Ah Jin really well.

Most of the comments on the videos were something like the following.
Omg it’s Jirooooo!
Jiro’s so cute!
“:[ Poor Jiro. Xiang Qin should just go out with him.

And then there’d be your others. “Who’s Jiro?

That’s when I found out about the Taiwanese boy band,
Fahrenheit/Fei Lun Hai.



I decided to check them out. At first glance, they didn’t seem that special to me. Knowing Jiro’s face already, I couldn’t tell who the heck else was who. After I learned Wu Chun’s name, his face was easy to recognize, but until last night, I couldn’t tell the difference between Aaron and Calvin.

Who the heck are they?

Aaron/Arron Yan.
The youngest and most sensitive of the group. I love his singing and I think he’s really cute, but he kinda has the least memorable face. Meaning if I saw him on the street randomly, my mind would never spark, “OMFG THAT’S AARON YAN!”

Calvin Chen.
Personally, I’ve never been too much of a fan of him or his voice, but that’s just my opinion. Hey, it just means one less rival for you girls. I think he’s recognizable because of the way his bangs are parted. And he slightly reminds me of MatsuJun.

Jiro Wang.
Ehe. My personal favorite, and not just because I’ve known him the longest. In my opinion, he’s the cutest/hottest one. :D Just, I didn’t like him in ISWAK much because his character annoyed me. And he’s funny!

Wu Chen/Wu Zun.
^^; I found him easy to recognize while learning their names because of his nose. But anyway, he’s cute. His voice is the lowest and rhaspyish, but it’s kinda nice. The oldest one of the group.


Two days ago, I finally went and checked out their music,
and I discovered something. o__o
Aside from their good looks, they’re pretty good singers too.

Right now, my favorite song from them would be Chu Kou [Exit]. :D

I thought the beginning sounded kinda weird, but it definitely got better. Such a touching and heartbreaking MV. =/

Aaron takes the lead in this song/MV. Poor Aaron.

[For if you’re learning who’s who.]
Aaron has the first solo and is at 0:47 and 1:42.
Jiro has the second solo and is at 1:01 and 2:23.
Calvin has the third solo and is at 1:16 and 1:57.
Wu Chun has the fourth solo and is at 1:32 and 2:41.

I also like the song Zhi Dui Ni You Gan Jue [I Only Have Feeilngs For You]. It features Hebe Tian from S.H.E.

=] I like it because it’s a happy, easygoing song. And the PV is just soo cute.

My favorite part is when Aaron’s playing the flute and Hebe gives him milk.
Aaron’s so cute when he smiles to himself. xD

Plus, Hebe’s so pretty and such a good singer. :D
I love her voice. It’s so pretty and smooth.

Another song I like is Xia Xue, which translates to Summer Snow.
:D Coughcough. The title of this entry, thank you very much.

It’s such a sweet song, and Jiro[first solo] looks amazing in the MV. xD


Now that you know who they are,
how can you not love them? <3

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