Short Rant.



Right now, singing is frustrating me like hell.

For some unknown reason, my voice has been really scratchy for the past couple weeks.

And I can’t record well at all.

I spend about an hour on ONE solo line because I can NEVER get it fricken right.

My voice either
-scratches up
-can’t reach high notes without cracking, or
-can’t hold out notes longer than, like, two seconds.

Last night, while I was attempting to record, my mom brought me some oranges.
[In my house, we eat fruit every evening as dessert.]

And I told her that oranges would scratch my throat even more.

And she got hella mad at me, saying stuff, like,
“They’re just oranges, you useless daughter! I bought a lot of them so you have to eat them. All it’s going to do is scratch your throat. It’s just pointless singing. You’re not a singer and you’re not a star and you’re not going to be one.”

And I cried over that.

Yeah. I’m just a stupid crybaby.

Even though I was super tired, I hardly got any sleep last night, as usual.

This morning I got a bloody nose.

And that was a pain because my mouth was full of toothpaste at that point.

Somehow now I’m just kinda pissed off.

But it’s probably just a mood swing.


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