For the past 5 days, I’ve been addicted to..

Secret of the Solstice!

It’s an online game that I found and it really interested me.

My first impressions on it were,
Wow! Everything looks soo cool and pretty!
And the characters look so cute

If you’re interested, you can check it out here.

If you ever see a character named Ebah around, that would be me. Add me!


People have said before that it looks exactly like Ragnorak and Trixter, but I’ve never played either, so it’s pretty new and refreshing for me.

One thing I like about this game that it isn’t full-screen.
Meaning you don’t have to lag your computer just to switch screens, and you can multi-task and talk to your friends on AIM while you’re healing. xD

Another thing is that most likely, monsters won’t attack you unless you attack them first.

This means, if you’ve in a hurry to leave the area, you can just run and not worry too much about bumping into a monster.

Also, it means that when you’re low on health, you can just sit down. xP
Like, just randomly sit.


Unlike Flyff, there’s hardly any lag. ^^;;

And the game is pretty new, and not that popular yet.
Which is both good and bad.
Because, it’s harder to make friends or find any of your friends that might play this game.
It’s not very well-known.

I think it’s still in Beta so things are still being tested?

But, it also means that there’s less lag, and more kill for you. >D

Now, there are a few setbacks to this game, though.

Like, one, it’s required to use your mouse when walking and fighting.
And that’s kind of a pain.

I think Maplestory was a lot more convenient, because almost everything could have been done on the keyboard.
I know there are other games that use the mouse to move, but for people like me, who’ve only played Maplestory[and one day of Flyff], you’ll get used to it.
No problem.

When you’re a newbie, the prices for potions will seem incredibly high at 100 kron each.

Monsters don’t drop things or money[kron] often, so it’s hard to get rich.

Creativity. One thing that bugs me is that if you’re a certain job/class, you HAVE to wear certain clothes. You can’t buy your own clothes and mix and match or choose or anything.

The only thing that affects the way you look besides your class is your helmet or hat, and most of them look kinda..^^;; Heh.

Lastly, OMG! :DD Enhance looks SOO COOL AND PREETTY!


-is shot-

xD I’m sorry, but it’s just soo pretty to me.
Music notes! Awesome!<3


D: Woww. I’m 7 days older than Yamada Ryosuke.

Lmfao. He’s, by the way, a member of Johnny’s Hey! Say! JUMP,
and one of the two only Johnny’s members that I know who aren’t in Arashi or NEWS.

I only know him because Chiichama showed me a picture of him last year and was like,
Isn’t he pretty?!” xD

Hahah. Usually when I find out that an idol I know is my age,
I think it’s really, really cool.
And when their birthmonth is the same as mine, I’m just, like,

:D And 7 days is a long time, but I’m still semi-freaking out over it. Hahah. Oh wells.


Hm. I wanted to blog about other stuff too, but I forgot now.

Lately I haven’t really been up to anything I guess besides starting SoS.

I’m loaded down with lines.
I get, like, 1 hour sometimes at night to record while my parents are in their room watching TV, and I can’t even record well because they can hear.

19 more sets of lines to do…

Hm. I’ve wanted to blog all week, but I’ve been in a shtty mood, so..that’s it.


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