Japanese Book Store + Money + Eva =


[Also, I have a new video. ^^;]

Tehehe. So on my vacation at Hawaii, I had recieved, like, $250 in Chinese New Year’s money from old people beloved relatives.
So I decided that I would spend $50 of it carelessly on fun things, and save up the rest.

Of course, I got a fever. -____-; So I never got a chance to spend it.

But today, my daddy took me to a Japanese Book store. :DD And it was like heaven.<3

Checked out all the cute little tricklets, took a look at the manga and anime merchandise, and then rushed off to the CD/DVD department. xD

And duude, there’s soo much stuff there. D: I saw 3rd Love Escalation, Renai Rider, Lu Lu Lu, Lalala Shiawase no Uta, Koi no Dance Site, Gingisu Khan, Kanashimi Twilight, and a bunchh of other stuff.

There was even TegoMassu’s “Miso Soup” and the new WaT single, “Yume no Tochuu”. D:

But nothing that made me squeal and think,
like last time, when I saw Tsukiatteru no ni Kataomoi.

And I was also searching for a birthday present for my friend, to be revealed later in case she reads this.

But there weren’t any singles that she liked. T.T
Everything else were the ones that came with a DVD and cost extra, or an album that’s way too expensive.

D: I was really tempted to buy NEW’s “Taiyou no Namida”
but the cover was..xD
Shirtless guys.
Yeah, like hell I was gonna explain that to my dad.

And then I saw another version of Taiyou no Namida with a more decent cover :D

Eva: SAVED!!!!

I walked out of that store a happy girl.

And with a NEWS CD, a Tsubasa Chronicle Syaoran<3 keychain, and a book for learning Japanese.

Well actually right now I’m only blogging because I got to the part of the book where it requires I write and review what I just learned. xD

And I’m supppahhh laazyyyyyyyyyy.


Kekeke and the packet thingy of Taiyou no Namida has pictures. :D

[Sorry the quality’s horrible.
In my room, the lighting’s either gonna be too much or too little.]


Also, I finally gathered the guts to upload a new video last night. D:

It’s an audition for Kiki[SilverMoooon]‘s groupdub of Arashi’s “We Can Make It!”.
The only open part now is for Ninomiya Kazunari,
but if you’re interested, then go audition.

^^; I sound..so bad singing a guy song.
‘Cause my voice isn’t good for low notes.
Or guy songs.
At all.

That’s right, I sang a boy band song. D:WARNING: My low notes can kill. So I’m auditioning Nino in Kiki’s groupdub, ’cause he’s the only one left. ^^;

I don’t know if I’ll remove this video after Nino’s been casted or not because even though I recorded this for an audition, I spent sooo much time on it. T.T

I’m pretty sure I started this in January, when I got obsessed with Arashi and other boy bands.

And then my computer crashed. And then I went to Hawaii and got a fever. And then I went through this period of crazy mood swings. Then my dad lost his job so I hardly get any recording time anymore.

^^; This one recording has been through a lot. And it went through, like, two singing hiatuses.
But it’s finally done! =O

Please don’t flame, and no hitting even though I killed a perfectly good Arashi song! Sorryyy!
Oh, and I sang it..^^; My way. Meaning some parts may be “wrong”. Heh.

LMAO! I just realized something!

We Can Make It was released on my birthday! xD


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