-Insert Interesting Title Here Please-

:D Blogging ’cause I’m in a SUPAAHHH good mood. xD -is shot-

Maybe a week’ish ago, I discovered this awesome J-pop blog,
we to U.

There’s no H!P, but the closest thing is AKB48.

:D What an awesomee blog. Because of it, I just became a fan of MANY J-pop artists that I’ve either never heard of before or heard of but have never checked out.

I think what’s so great about that site is that they give reviews on each track so you think, “Hm, this sounds like something I could like,” or “Maybe I shouldn’t go for this track.”


I finished putting together Check! 3‘s second PV on Monday. :D And honestly, I think it turned out SOOOO much better than Pittari Shitai X’mas! xDD
Gosshh I can’t fricken wait to upload it.
But I can’t yet because neither KathKath or Chiichama have started recording their lines, as far as I know.

D: And. Just a warning. It’s, like, 200% more happy, hyper, and girly than Pittari. I know lots of people who know me/us in real life hella freaked out when they saw our first PV. >___>

So, this time.. don’t freak out.
I warned you.


=O My first solo single in Twilight Legend was released today!
Lol how scary xD I hecka messed up the first track. >.>; The second one, Furusato, I already put up here a while ago.

When all of the first solo singles are released, I’ll probably just put them all together in one entry, so you can listen to them.


To Do;;
– Finish Bokura ga Ita. [VERY good, sweet anime.]
– Finish Love Contract. [Awesome Taiwanese drama!]
– Record lines. [Duh.]
– Read the Daa! Daa! Daa manga. [*]
– Stop blogging so much. D: Especially about H!P. I love H!P, but too much of it. This wasn’t supposed to be a H!P blog. ^^;

*: I watched two episodes of the anime, like, a year ago, because Chiichama did a fandub of a scene from it, and they were TOTALLY cute and completely <333333.
But I wasn’t interested enough in the plot to watch the whole series. But those two episodes were extremely cute :D And just thinking about them are making me inner-squeal.
According to Chiichama, the manga’s even cuter. D:
I feel very tempted

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