Check! 3 Updates + Introducing a New Group

This weekend, Check! 3 will do the filming for the PV of their second single.

 A new online H!P cover group named 7nin Tengoku has formed.

Who are these people?


Check! 3 is a singing group composed of:
Chii [ChiisanaChanx3]
Eva [waterpixie]
Kath [rawrrkathy]

We sing because we love to. <3
We also make promotional videos for our singles just because it’s fun, it makes us slightly more original, and it’s a chance for the three of us to hang out being as we each go to different schools.

Our first single, Pittari Shitai X’mas features
Chii with Yasuda Kei’s parts, [aka girl on the right]
Eva with Goto Maki’s parts, and [aka tall girl in middle]
Kath with Yoshizawa Hitomi’s parts. [aka girl on the left]

[No brain cells were harmed in the making of this video. :D]

Our next single is planned to be filmed this Sunday, and we’ll go shopping for props on Saturday.
Because we have not completed recording the song yet, and we’re not sure if we’ll need to continue the filming on another day, the release date is completely unknown.

D: And this video will be a LOT better than Pittari Shitai X’mas.
[which I now find really awkward and weird..]


7nin Tengoku is a completely new group composed of:
Nami [JPNSinger101]
Mari [marimari999]
Micchi [Micchichanpyon]
Eva [waterpixie]
Lulu [japeysan]
Chobie [FeatherWing14]
Arinachi [Arinachi / Arinacchi]

or otherwise known as the cast in Nami’s Sakura Mankai groupdub, on which we were given the suggestion to form a group and continue releasing dubs with the same cast.

There are three subgroups within 7nin Tengoku.

Kira*Kira, made of Lulu and Chobie;

Chibi♥Love, made of Nami and Mari;

and Emerald A.M.E., made of Arinachi, Micchi, and Eva, the only group that is yet to debut.

According to what I know, we will probably cover Morning Musume Sakuragumi songs.
D: Even though I don’t match Niigaki at all. Ehh..




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  1. You guys sound great! When is your first tour?

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