Obsessions and Reminiscence

:DDDD For anyone who doesn’t know already and is interested,
a new chapter for Tsubasa Chronicle<3 is out on OneManga!

Chapter 184: The Separated Time

Actually I’m not sure how long it’s been out but it’s new to me xD I haven’t checked for a couple days.

Tsubasa Chronicleeeeee<3333333333333

It’s my favorite anime of all time. <3 Captured my heart right away from the first time I even heard of it. [Right after I finished Cardcaptor Sakura.]


And now it’s my favorite manga of all time. <3
It started out so adorable and hilarious and sweet, and now it’s so sad and emotional and touching and complicated and deep. >____< Syaorannn…<33

Yeah, I editted Fai out. ^^;; But really, I just feel sorry for Syaoran now. =[

I’m a huge Syaoran fan. D: <333 Reality needs more guys like Syaoran.<3

That’s the wall above my bed. xD
And my Tsukiatteru no ni Kataomoi Limited Edition CD/DVD.
Which I love because it’s my first and only piece of Hello!Project merchandise.
.___. Okay, so I’m cheap.


Yesterday I was watching some old HaroMoni[Hello! Morning] episodes.

And D: episode 269<3! Why, you ask?


xD So I made a video of the W moments in that one episode,
which was uploaded to youtube on private, so don’t bother looking for it on my profile.

D: My favorite scene of the whole thing would be the “Aibon and Tsuji Nozomi always together in W.”

=[ Makes me happy, touched, and missing W at the same time.

Kago Ai.
Is one of my two favorite H!P artists of all time.
[The other being Miyabi.]
This girl is adorably pretty and cute, acted naturally immature and cutely, was hilarious, had a GREAT voice that was strong yet cute, and is seriously just awesome.

If not for the smoking scandal, she would’ve been one of my role models.

I discovered Hello!Project at a late time, long after Aibon had been fired, so while I was researching H!P, I had no idea who was who.

So the only thing I knew about Aibon was that she smoked, spent the night with a guy twice her age, and was fired.
And the first picture I ever saw of her was the cover for Miss Love Tantei, in which, no offense, she looked kinda ditzy on.

And for a couple weeks, I really thought she was just a btch. xD And I have the Xanga entries to prove it.

I hated Kago Ai, but she definitely grew on me. I hope she’s living happily in New York with that old geezer who seems like he could be cheating on her.

Tsuji Nozomi.
I’d have to say the same about her except I think Kago’s a better singer.

I loved how the two were always so mischievious and cute and funny together. And how they were “young forever”.

In the video above, it was about half a year before Kago’s scandal. ^^;; So they’re pretty old’ish and slightly more mature. I think they were really pretty there. But still adorably immature.

I can’t say anything except that I’m happy for Nono. I think she got what she wanted.

It’s good to know that she’s living happily with Taiyo and her cute little daughter, Noa. Taiyo seems like a good guy and seems to be treating her right,
and she just seems to be happy.


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