Oh noess!

D: WordPress is deleting wordpresses that offer H!P dl’s.


Well at least this will help H!P’s sales!

But I never really bought stuff like that, so this is a huge disadvantage for me.

Well, actually, I kinda hope my blog doesn’t get the cut .__.
But I don’t really have many here so far and it’s not a full-on H!P blog, so I think it’ll be okay.


Happy belated 16th birthday to the oddly adorable Momoko Tsugunaga of Berryz Koubou! :D
They’re growing up so fast. -rewatches Piriri to Yukou-

Ehe. I think she looks cute in this picture. Even though it’s an old picture.
Actually I think I like the way she looks here better than how she looks now. ^^;
Well, at least her hair.

To Record;;

-Hello! no Theme [TL/JS Shuffle Pro League] DEADLINE: APRIL 18
-We Can Make It! AUDITION [For Kiki] Mostly Complete
-Balalaika [TL/JS Solo] DEADLINE: MARCH 18
-Lucky Cha Cha Cha REDO ’cause computer crashed [TL/JS Shuffle Unit: Tiny Wheat]
-First Kiss REDO [w/ Lulu/Chobie] – Natsuyaki Miyabi

-21 Made no Cinderella [w/ Lulu/Chobie/Kiki] – Natsuyaki Miyabi
-Ambitious Yashinteki de Ii Jan [Lulu’s] – Kamei Eri Mostly Complete
-Dancing Out [KM] – Ryeowook
-Amaenaideyo [Sia’s]
-Ai no Imi wo Oshiete [w/ Nicole] – Tsuji Nozomi
-Piriri to Yukou [MG!Project] – Natsuyaki Miyabi
-Love So Sweet [Kiki’s] – Satoshi Ohno
-Taiyou no Uta  REDO ’cause computer crashed [w/ Kiki]
-Check! 3 second single
-Koi wo Shichaimashita [Mari’s] – Ishikawa Rika
-Oujisama to Yuki no Yuru [Mari’s] – Ishikawa Rika
-Otomepasutani Kanndou [Mari’s] – Ishikawa Rika
-Kiss ~Kaerimichi no Love Song~ [w/ Chiichama] – Tegoshi Yuya
-School Rumble Clip fandub [w/ Chiichama] – Tenma

Whoo~ I cleared somee. But still got more to go.


-Himitsu Dolls [SnM TarotCafe] DEADLINE: MARCH 30
-Miss Love Tantei [SnM TarotCafe] DEADLINE: MARCH 30
-Spiritual Garden [SnM TarotCafe] DEADLINE: MARCH 30
-Inshouha Renoir no You ni [Collab w/ Chibi Love] – Shibata Ayumi
-Munasawagi Scarlet [Collab w/ Chibi Love]
-Futari wa NS [w/ Kath] – Hagiwara Mai

Sniffle. Just when I was clearing off some, more added. D:

Well, I’m happy to be able to do a collab with Chibi Love though. Nami and Mari are just awesomeness.

And the Tarot Cafe ones shouldn’t take me too long to do. =/
Considering I have no solos at all.

Huh. And this is the first single for a bunch of us. And we weren’t given a chance at all. I mean, there are a bunch of parts where everybody sings together or we sing with a group. x__X; I just kinda feel it’s slightly unjust.
But surely we’ll get more chances in the future, right?


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