About a month ago I went through this CRAZY period where I was obsessed with boy bands.

And that’s unusual for me because I’ve always liked female artists, and I’ve never been interested in boy bands or heavy rock or screamo. Hence the H!Pism.

:D Well anyway, a couple days ago I watched some clips of Arashi and got slightly obsessed again .___.
‘Cause they were cute and fricken funny. -is shot-


Hahah and I just noticed something yesterday D: I can name all the members of NEWS just by looking at their faces now!
-is shot again-

xD I never researched NEWS. Just wanted to see if I could learn who was who just by watching videos.

Eh, this ain’t the best picture, but whatever. xD They’re all pretty. -is shot yet again- Although I’ve never really been the greatest fan of Shige.

NEWS =  Love
TegoMassu = <3333333333333!!

TegoMassu Friends Forever Omg Massu + Tesshi = BEST duet ever! D:
Love their voices, love their songs, love them.

And I love Lovely Complex, an anime in which they sang the theme for.
I can slightly relate to Risa because she’s uber-tall. D: And I hate my height.
I mean, I’m the fricken same height as Tesshi. x[ And Massu’s only 2 cm taller than me..


So the other day I went on American Wota for the first time. ^^; Well I heard about it from other wordpresses, but never been on it. And if you go to the Wota Distractions you’ll see that there are rankers.

D: It’s. So. Effing. Accurate.
I was hella impressed. xD Gahh I’m so stupidd~ I mean, OBVIOUSLY they’re accurate.
But I was impressed by it anyway.

[Avatars not made by me. Were found on random sites so I’m not sure who to credit.]

01. Masuda Takahisa [NEWS] aka Massu
massu-smile-always.jpg D: MASSUUU<3 He’s adorably cute and dorky and funny and has a great smile, voice, hair, personality, and dancing skills.

02. Tegoshi Yuya [NEWS] aka Tesshi
tegoshi2.jpg Tesshi ish prettyy. And one of the best singers in NEWS.

03. Ohno Satoshi [Arashi]
ohno.jpg I find him a bit awkward, but he was hilarious on Utaban. And he’s hands-down the best singer in Arashi.

04. Koyama Keiichiro [NEWS]

05. Yamashita Tomohisa [NEWS] aka Yamapi

06. Sakurai Sho [Arashi]
sho-2.jpg D: He’s the smekushii rapper yet he’s super smart and a nice guy. Sounds perfect, right?

07. Aiba Masaki [Arashi]

08. Nishikido Ryo [NEWS]

09. Ninomiya Kazunari [Arashi] aka Nino

10. Kato Shigeaki [NEWS] aka Shige

11. Matsumoto Jun [Arashi]

And then came Yamada Ryosuke[I only know him because Chiichama mentioned him once]
and then all those others in Johnny’s that I don’t know at all. xD
-is shot once again-

Rofl I just spent the past three hours[I ain’t kidding.] looking for and saving avatars and pictures of Arashi/NEWS .___.

I need a life.
And maybe some food.


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