If there was a character ‘reset’ button…

I would press it.

Hahah. I noticed last night I tend to deter myself a lot. ^^; Like, I’m a super stubborn person. And I need to change.

Life flows, but what I do is stop it and drag it along. I need to reset my character.

I can’t be stubborn anymore, need to stop denying and refusing things. And smile more.

Sometimes I feel like I can relate to Miki from Shugo Chara really well. [And she’s my favorite character!]
She’s superr stubborn and defying. Hahah and she likes art xD And likes blue. And can be a fangirl sometimes! [xD Kiseki! I thought that was so cute~]


So my daddy went out to the supermarket for a while, and I used that time to record lines.

And when I was tired of Balalaika, I felt like recording.. Shabondama. For the hell of it.

:D Kojiru/Kojirurules is having a groupdub audition of Shabondama. If you’re interested, audition please?? She needs lots and lots of people.

And even if you don’t make it, I think it’s helpful if you audition anyway, because most people will do things if they see other people doing it too.

That’s probably the only reason why I actually submitted my audition. ^^;; Well, I sent it to her ’cause it was too crappy for youtube.

Basically I did 3 one-shots .___. And I didn’t do the “AI!”s or roll any of the R’s. And I only did 49 seconds of the song ’cause my dad came home. xD

And..I’ve only listened to the song about once or twice. So I don’t know it well at all. So remember I learned as I went along.

And her immediate reaction,
kojirurules (5:36:17 PM): lol u sounded like u were like slutting over the guy

Well it’s here if you wanna listen to it.
[I always put new recordings and stuff because it’s a way to show improvement.]
Don’t think of it as an audition.
[Because I’ll probably not make it in. If I have time I’ll rerecord a longer audition.
But considering I never have time, I doubt it.]


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