Cafe Buono~

Whoo! xD -faints- I’m in a good mood so Ima blog yayyyy~ -is shot-

Ahem. :D Well anyway. About maybe a week’ish ago, I downloaded Buono!‘s first album, Cafe Buono!.

Cafe Buono! <–how cute xD

I seriously loved it. Actually, I’ve loved Buono! from the very beginning. :D Was hella excited when I found out Buono! would consist of Miyabi, Airi, and Momoko.

I love everything about Buono!. I love the group, the name, Miyabi, Airi, Momoko, their voices, their songs, their songs’ meanings, Shugo Chara, the concepts and plots and characters of Shugo Chara, and basically just everything. <3

I love how Shugo Chara‘s an anime about characteristics and how you should always be yourself and stuff, because in a way it applies to me somehow. I love that show. It’s inspirational and extremely adorable. [Zomg IkutoxAmu!]

Well anyway, :D The album was great. I loved every single song. Although at times I thought all the songs were kind of too similar. You know, all of Buono!’s songs are in the same style, and that’s both good and bad.

And I was a little disappointed that Janakya Mottainai[mp3/mf], the B-side to Renai Rider wasn’t on the album. D: That’s my favorite Buono! song. The lyrics<3

:D Can’t wait till the translations of all the songs come out.


01. Cafe Buono[mp3/mf]
D: Cute song! Good song to start an album with.
02. Nakimushi Shounen[mp3/mf
:D Awesome song. Loved the beginning and the beat. Their voices sounded kinda different since it’s a low song, though. But still good.
03. Renai Rider[mp3/mf]
Never was a big fan of this song, but it’s still good.
04. Honto no Jibun[mp3/mf]
:D Always loved this song. <3 Great song, great lyrics, great dance.
05. Baketsu no Mizu[mp3/mf]
xD Adorable, much? Made me smile.
06. Garakuta no Yume[mp3/mf]
D: Sounds really cool. I thought Momoko sounded good in this.
07. Internet Cupid[mp3/mf]
The beginning hurt my ears a lot. =/ But it’s a cute song.
08. Last Forever[mp3/mf]
09. Kokoro no Tamago[mp3/mf]
What can I say? x] It’s awesome as a theme song and catchy as heck. I was literally singing “Hop, step, jumppu! Drew, draw, etc..” in PE over and over.
10. Hoshi no Hitsuji Tachi[mp3/mf]
Really sweet song =] It’s calmer and really pretty.
11. Rock no Kamisama[mp3/mf]
Hahah it has a nice, rock feel to it[kind of] that contrasts the beginning prettyness.
12. Kimi ga Ireba[mp3/mf
Like Track 10, it’s a sweet, pretty song. Good way to close an album.

[And yeah, I uploaded all those so tell me if any links stop working.]

EDITMARCH11;; I had to remove all of the mf links. Sorry.

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