As expected, my inconsiderate mom made plans for me today without asking me. -____-;

Okay, pattern forming, much? God it pissed me off.

And when I complained about it and said, like, I don’t even wanna go and she never thinks about my feelings or that maybe I don’t want to go,
all she did was yell at me and scold me for being rude and a bad daughter.

God damn it pissed me off. She’s always saying how I’m soo useless and how I’m a screwed up person and how I grew up messed up. She never considers anybody else’s feelings at all.

And sometimes she just has no common sense at all. Her no-common-sense’ness got me and her FLIPPED OFF in a parking lot by some rude fcker guy.


So today my parents went out to my aunt’s house to drop something off and I decided to use my home-alone chance to record my Balalaika lines. And I totally lost track of time, right?

So I’m just sitting there going, “BARARAIKA BARARARAIKA BARA RAIRA KAIKAI ~~~~”

And the next thing I see is my PARENTS walking into my room and my mom is just laughing her ass off and going, “Ahahhah what the hell kind of song is she singing?!” in Chinese.

Oh, that’s VERY encouraging. And embarrassing. And obviously I’m offended ’cause I’m always overly sensitive.

And thus, I don’t expect to sing at all for the next couple days… well, at least when my parents are home.


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