:D Finally I cleared off some of my deadlines; I’m so happy and proud~ xDD

‘Cause for maybe three weeks I haven’t completed any set of lines or anything, and I finally finished three :D So I’m just ridiculously happy.

Gah, my dad has been getting out of work really early lately. x[ And usually I ONLY record when I’m home alone. Or at least I do my best when I’m home alone.

T.T So my incredibly short recording time is about to become a no-recording time. My dad’s company is moving to Texas, so he’s about to get laid in a week or two.


Well anyway, I finished my Furusato recording for my Twilight Legend solo project. :D It’s track 2 of my first single, Balalaika. I was assigned to cover Koharu Kusumi songs.

Huh. Took me more than a week just to finish it.

Since I can’t embed the music player, you can download it here or here if you’re curious, or just really bored.
[Or if you like to collect bad fandubs.]


xD Oh yeah, I made a chipmunk version of it too. <3 CHIPMUNKYY!
Hahah :D Well it was Chiichama’s idea. [By the way, Chiichama is my nickname for ChiisanaChanx3]
[And Chipmunky Girl used to be my nickname for Kath/rawrrkathy in eighth grade. =3]

If you’re not gonna listen to my Furusato, then at least listen to the chipmunk version? :D

I think it’s soo cool xD Furusato sounds AWESOME in chipmunk, especially the beginning intro!

You can listen to both versions here.

I also added my OLD Furusato recording from September, 2007. Ew, much?

It’s just for comparing. =/ I at least hope that I improved. I think over the past months, my voice and singing style did change.
-____-; My god I sound sooo much like I’m fakingly trying to sound cute. I swear, back then, that was my “natural” voice.

For my new one, I tried to sing as natural as possible, but I bet a couple months later I’ll listen back and think, “EW I sound SO KIDDYISH! That can’t be my natural voice..”

Yep. Predictable. :D I hope your ears don’t diee.


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