Love Contract

:D Yayy~ Hahah I feel really, really good right now. xD Suddenly I’m in such a great mood and I loved today’s weather and god, I feel like I’m back in circulation again or something. :D

Sooner or later, my personality’d start to kick in on my blogs, so don’t freak out if I seem different or something. You can ask anybody I know in real life and they’d tell you that I have mood swings like hell.

And I’m probably the easiest person to piss off in the whole world.


Well anyway, right now I’m just eating cranberries and watching Love Contract, which I randomly feel like blogging about.

Love Contract

It’s a Taiwanese drama[Mandarin] that features:
Ariel Lin, who starred in It Started With A Kiss, and
Mike He, who starred in Devil Beside You.

By the way, Devil Beside You is DEFINITELY my FAVORITE drama of all time, and I recommend it. I think it’s really good and it’s not all fluff; it’s full of emotions and it’s deep but has its funny and cute moments and the plot was great.

And the cast was almost PERFECT. I swear, Rainie Yang makes THE perfect “Qi Yue”. She’s cute, she can act, she can sing, and is a good match with Mike He<3. And Mike just makes the perfect Ahmeng.

At first when I read about Love Contract, I thought it’d be bad because the plot sounded unoriginal,
but unexpectedly, it’s pretty good.

I like Ariel Lin in it. :D
Honestly I didn’t like her in It Started With A Kiss at all. She looked kind of awkward and I didn’t like her acting in it, and her character annoyed me so much. Her character having absolutely no common sense at all pissed me off.
But it’s not a bad drama. The sequel didn’t intrigue me much, so I stopped after the first episode. [Grr and Figaro’s in it too..]

Mike He. D: He’s hawt. Like, he makes me freaking squeal the way Syaoran<3 from Tsubasa Chronicle used to make me squeal. <3

In Devil Beside You, he played as a devilish character and he often had his hair gel’ed and I thought that looked ehh.. then in one episode, he and Qi Yue got rained on, so he let his hair down, and that’s when I started thinking he’s hawett D: -is shot-

In Love Contract, he has his hair down the whole drama, so that’s just great :D Plus he’s sooo freaking sweet that his character makes me squeal too >___<~
I mean, in DBY, his character has a good heart and everything, but he doesn’t act sweet all the time. Just was all tough.

Nyah I talk too much and need to get back to watching. xD

So that’s it. I need to get a life. Hahah. And stop talking to myself.


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