Blogging while eating shortbread Girl Scouts cookies…

…is incredibly amusing. xD -is shot-

-eats- Well, anyway, that’s not why I’m here to write again[well, sorta.. I just felt like writing a random title].

On the 24th, Lulu[japeysan]’s groupdub of DEF. DIVA’s “Suki Sugite Baka Mitai” was uploaded. Whoo~ It’s awesome and full of energy and such a great song, too.

Cast List:
Abe Natsumi - waterpixie/Eva
Goto Maki - marimari999/Mari
Ishikawa Rika - FeatherWing14/Chobie
Matsuura Aya - japeysan/Lulu


On the 25th, Chobie[FeatherWing14]’s groupdub of Morning Musume Otomegumi’s “Ai no Sono ~Touch My Heart~” was uploaded. :D Yay, finally! If I recall, this dub was started quite some time ago.

Cast List:
Ishikawa Rika - Giselledesu/Yumiko
Fujimoto Miki - japeysan/Lulu
Ogawa Makoto - Deccha
Tanaka Reina - FeatherWing14/Chobie
Tsuji Nozomi - waterpixie/Eva
Iida Kaori - SilverMoooon/Kiki
Michishige Sayumi - Beeparty


Hm. So now I’m bored. D: Earlier I was trying to record my Furusato lines, right? For my solo project in Twilight Legend?

And I got to the line “Motherrr~” and my cell phone fricken vibrates. T.T And I look at it and it’s my mom calling me, so I was like, “ calling me right now.”

NYAH I was gonna, like, put a little thingy here that’ll play the little clip but fricken WordPress won’t take it. >__>;; I mean, what’s the point of having a <code> choice if you can’t even USE it.. >[

Well it’s here if you’re interested, or have absolutely nothing else to do in the next 20 seconds.



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