Morning Musume/Berryz Koubou/C-ute Poll

I’m still in Hawaii at the moment and I thought I’d take the time to put up my vote while I’m at a place that has internet.

 You can vote here at Hello! Blog. :D Make sure you do it ’cause it ends the 24th.


Morning Musume Poll

1. Takahashi Ai – D: Honestly I don’t like the current Aichan, the leader and the mature character. I loved her when she was the cute character and when she had long hair and how she spoke and acted like a little, innocent girl on Hello! Morning. But she’s still pretty and a great singer, so she’d have to be my favorite in the current Momusu line-up.

 2. Niigaki Risa – She was so cute and innocent and now she’s SO pretty, and I love her voice too. I like how she’s honest and herself instead of always trying to be fakely cute.

3. JunJun – I don’t know much about her but she’s cute, so she’s got that going for her =O And I guess I liked her on HM@, even though I don’t like that show.

4. Tanaka Reina – has always been awesomee. I loved her from Aa! to her yankiiness to her sweetness now. And she has nice hair. D:

5. Michishige Sayumi – I find her funny :D I hate fake cute’ness, but I think that’s fine for her character ’cause she’s ALWAYS been like that with the whole narcissist thing. She’s not too great of a singer, but she tries.

6. Kamei Eri – She’s funny and a great dancer. ^^;

7. Mitsui Aika – She never appealed to me much, but she can sing pretty well.

8. Koharu Kusumi – I don’t like her. =/ I don’t like her fake cute’ness. Her face is somewhat cute, but the way she acts annoys me. She can’t sing very well at all. She always sounds strains and nasally and sounds like what I sound like on high notes. She also can’t voice act. I stopped watching Kirarin Revolution because her voice acting annoyed me. x___x I mean, her tone NEVER changes it’s always HIGH-HIGH-HIGH-HIGH! The ONLY emotion she ever showed was fake happiness. Sorry Koharu fans. D: But I have my reasons.

8. LinLin- =/ I don’t know anything about her and she never really appealed to me. Plus I’m not much of a fan of her voice.

Berryz Koubou

Berryz Koubou Poll

1. Natsuyaki Miyabi – What can I say? She’s one of my two favorites of H!P. Was adorable, is now prettyfuls, AWESOME voice, and does great live.

2. Sugaya Risako – Okay, so she doesn’t have too great of a voice, but she was just so cuddly adorable and now she’s SO pretty. =/ I find her personality really cute and funny. But I don’t like how they gave her too much attention in Tsukiatteiru no ni Kataomoi.

3. Kumai Yurina – T.T She’s two inches taller than me. YES! :D I hate my height so I love knowing she’s actually taller than me. Yurina’s awesome :D She’s so pretty and was adorable in Fighting Pose wa Datte ja nai. And her voice is great, too. It’s just that she doesn’t do too great live.

4. Tsugunaga Momoko – =/ I find her awkward, and at first I really wondered why everyone thought she was so adorable. But she’s kinda cute I guess. And she has a lot of spirit.

5. Sudou Maasa – :D I thought she was really pretty in Tsukiatteiru no ni Kataomoi. She’s funny and clever and not a bad singer.

6. Shimizu Saki – Captain~ At first I thought she was okay but I guess she is pretty. And she’s not a bad singer either.

7. Tokunaga Chinami – I don’t like her. x_x; I don’t think she’s cute at all; sorry. In every single clip I’ve seen of her, she was annoying and bugged me. And the only song I liked her voice in was Piriri to Yukou.


C-ute Poll

1. Hagiwara Mai – Maimai! :D I think she’s really cute. And super talented; especially since she made it in at age 6.

2. Okai Chisato – Awesome singer! But not enough solos.

3. Suzuki Airi – I think she’s somewhat cute. And she’s not a bad singer, though she was best in Aa!. But she gets way too many solos, and that’s just unfair.

4. Nakajima Saki – :D Awesome voice, adorable smile.

5. Yajima Maimi – Pretty, good voice, mature, and just leaderlike. No wonder everyone likes her.

6. Umeda Erika – D: Needs more solos. And I think she’s pretty, even though she went through a really awkward stage.

7. Arihara Kanna – Never liked her voice much. =/ And I guess she’s okay. I don’t think she’s too cute, except she looked kinda pretty in Ookina Ai de Motenashite.


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  1. I’m with you 100 percent on Hagiwara; I rated her tops, too. As for Miyabi, she has the world’s most electrifying voice. I hope it lasts for years!

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