:D Guess who’s in Honolulu, Hawaii for winter break?

Okay, please don’t get it wrong. D: I’ll feel like a failure at obviousness.

 Nyahh it’s SUPER hot xO Shorts in February? And I’m still sweating! And I don’t even usually sweat! >___>; Although perhaps the heat may be from my laptop. Ah, possibilities.

 Well that’s pretty much why I’ll be semi-gone for a week? ^^;;

Ahhh I have SO much to record when I get back. D: So many lines. So many deadlines. So many redos ’cause my stupid computer AND usb crashed. >_____>; [Can you tell I’m still not bitter about it?]

 =/ I don’t think I’ll get to the songs that I want to sing just for fun for a really long time.


xD That was seriously the best picture I could take before whatever I wrote got erased by the waves [how frustrating..] so, yeah. x___x;

I’ll try again tomorrow when I go to Waikiki.

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