Happy Valentines Day!

So it’s that day of the year, where everything’s about red, pink, or heart-shapes. D:

I hope everybody out there can find love, and have it last long and happily.

Ah, how heartbreaking.

Well anyway, today, Nami[JPNSinger101]‘s groupdub of Morning Musume Sakuragumi’s “Sakura Mankai” was uploaded onto youtube, and I’m in it. :D I think it turned out AWESOME. The cast is great, and everyone’s so talented.

Check it out here. [Ah fudge. I can’t embed the video?!]


Cast List:

Takahashi Ai: JPNSinger101/Nami
Kago Ai: Micchichanpyon/Micchi
Kamei Eri: japeysan/Lulu
Yaguchi Mari: marimari999/Mari
Yoshizawa Hitomi: Arinachi
Niigaki Risa: waterpixie/Eva
Konno Asami: FeatherWing14/Chobie

3 Responses

  1. wooh, everyone did so good in the sakura mankai dub! except for me…. *sits alone in a corner* O___o

    I’m still full from all the chocolate hehe
    do you have someone you “like”? >:)

  2. hihi eva~~ I was waiting for you to update your blog~~~ and now you start a new one~~ yay~~!
    have a great vacation~~~=)

  3. during valentines day, i always give my girlfriend a very warm hug that she enjoys ,,:

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